MSO aka Morning Star Online is an e-commerce company that empowers customer with its’ unique Cashback Rewards Program. Millenia, is the brand name of MSO.

When a customer buys product/s from the online store, the company generates a Cashback Rewards Unit (CRU) for FREE. Once activated it will take position in the company’s “First Activated First Awarded” (FAFA) cashback rewards system. The cashback reward is only redeemable once it reaches 200% of the customer's purchased amount.

e.g. A customer buys a product worth P2,000 pesos and has activated the corresponding CRU. The status of when it will mature or has reached the point where the cashback rewards can be withdrawn either full or partial withdrawal or full repurchased can be accessed at the company’s website through the customer's individual dashboard. Please note that each customer will be given a corresponding access to the website thru the referral link provided by the person who referred him/her to this company. Once the cashback value reaches 4,000 points (1 point = 1 peso), it will automatically be credited to the customer’s e-wallet. The customer then has the option to use it to buy the product/s from the company, or convert it to cash.

The cashback rewards program (CRP) of the company is very far from remote to be liken to, a “double your money scam” primarily because the amount received by the company from the customer is a legitimate purchase of a value for money and high quality products; and not for investment purposes or the like. The CRP is like other companies giving cashback rewards to its customers. Different in the sense that we make it more tangible and life changing by giving our customers 200% cashback.

Our cashback rewards system is purely a marketing strategy in a different approach. We strongly believe that as customers buying our products and receiving 200% cashback will normally endorse us to their friends and relatives. The cashback budget is derived from the company’s marketing budget (that every company has) and is ran through our exclusive FAFA (first activated first awarded) cashback system.

Normally a cashback is just a very tiny % given back by a store to its customers hoping to inculcate loyalty in their minds. For example in order to get 4,000 pesos cashback from petrol you need to spend about 500,000 pesos, hence there is no way to get 200% cashback using this traditional method. In MSO we are revolutionizing it, instead of giving a tiny % for cashback to individual customers, we give them option to be lined up in our FAFA cashback system, and award the 200% cashback one customer at a time depending on their schedule in the que.

No company has ever given 200% cashback to its customers in the history of mankind before. But in MSO, we did it, in fact it is the core of our business operation. The cashback rewards unit matures when it reaches 200% of the purchased amount. There are two (2) factors affecting maturity: the sales of the company and its profitability. The company does not guarantee as to how many days, months or years a certain CRU matures, we do however guarantee that when it does, it will be credited to the customer’s account immediately. Good thing is that at any given time in real time, every customer can monitor the status of their respective CRUs. Honestly the company is less than a year in its operation and yet we are able to award hundreds of 200% cashback already.

If your understanding of a networking company is a pyramiding scheme or a scam, definitely we are NOT. On the other hand if your concept of a networking is simply a word of mouth advertisement or natural referral or endorsement to friends or relatives, then YES we are. MSO is harnessing the power of organic endorsement (positive networking) as its marketing strategy, but we offer no membership fee. Simply buy our products and wait for your cashback to reach 200%. Good thing is that you will be given automatically an affiliate account for free. Once you use it, the company further rewards you with infinite endorsement bonuses, empowering you to earn unlimited income potential beyond your wildest imagination.

MSO is not an MLM company and does not offer memberships, hence we do not have a members’ price. We are an e-commerce company and we believed in the power affiliate system creating a huge network of consumers. Simply buy the products and affiliate account will be given. Furthermore, the company runs a promo from time to time giving in effect discounts to its customers.